Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Blackberries Leaking Juice

A leaked presentation file detailing RIM’s planned out path for the future- the credibility of the file is naturally dubious- is shedding light about the company’s plan regarding the upcoming updates, which according to the announcement made by the company the upgrade to Blackberry 10 platform is going to be delayed as it is now expected to be released in the first quarter of 2013. Although the contents of the not so credible slide are in consonance with the news revealed by RIM lately, the slide was revealed from an anonymous source at Earlier on, RIM foretold that BlackBerry 10 devices would come out in the fall of this year, during Blackberry World conference in May, however, the information from the slide coincides with the recent change that RIM only announced last week about delaying the BlackBerry 10 release to next year.

RIM takes a step further in Tablets
The PlayBook 4G (also Winchester) running the version 7 of BlackBerry Os instead of BlackBerry 10 is shown to be released in the last quarter of this year. It may come off as a surprise to many as the previous tab was not that popular, but the company has more planned out in this regard as well. A 10 inch tablet called “Blackforest 128” is going to be released in the third quarter of 2013, according to the slide, while there is no detail as to what 128 stands for, an educated guess would be 128gb memory which be a great advance as most tabs right now go up to a capacity of 64gb. While this raises concerns about the authenticity of the slide, it is also a controversial idea for RIM to launch a tab competing against the iPad considering RIM’s first quarter sales for Playbook were 260 000 where as Apple sold 11.8 million iPads in the second quarter of 2012. According to Ken Dulaney, Gartner analyst, RIM’s upcoming plans regarding tabs are not much of business ideas, the reasons behind them could be maintaining high security users with their platform and devices known for this quality and also completing the company portfolio of devices. So with the new upgrades out, users won’t have to worry about BlackBerry spy or any other malware of the kind. Even in this regard, Android and Apple tabs are advancing in almost every aspect including security features, Microsoft Surface is also going to launch with its own security details, therefore if security is the key area that RIM treasures, it might not be too farfetched to expect contending tablets to exceed RIM in this regard as well by the time they layout an action plan.  However, even with these rivals advancing in the race, RIM has to worry a lot less about mobile spy software as opposed to Android for example, which is a platform much more plagued by malware attacks.

London and Nevada rediscovered in 2013
As per the leaked information, the new handsets will also be released in the first quarter of 2013, including RIM’s first device without a hardware keyboard running BlackBerry 10 being the “London” handset and the other one being “Nevada”. BlackBerry 10 will launch in Europe in January 2013, prior to U.S. launch which is expected in February, according to BB OS’s sources.
BlackBerry Handsets have always found their clientele in the cell phone market, where as the Playbook has not yet been as popular. RIM is counting on the response for these new upgrades, let’s all hope that it turns out to be great for the company as well the users.

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