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Tech security and privacy issues are the meat that help make this casserole i.e. Jane Andrews. I’ve been dabbling in the latest tech trends in relation to computer security, cell phone security and online safety. Since I spend so much time taking each platform apart to analyze the glitches in their security, my writing is oft focused on their nitty-gritty details.

The best way to find potential holes in the security of a particular platform is by trying to breach the security yourself. And since I know how to penetrate the devices, I follow up the probing by analyzing them according to the level of their vulnerability and the ease with which potential hackers can locate security holes.

A lot of the work I do is linked to platform specific news since I am a keen follower of the latest happenings in the tech world. I always try and keep myself updated with an eye on the latest trends in the smart phone market and I don’t only focus on the security issues that I unveil on my own but my writing also caters to the global security issues that concern tech connoisseurs in general.

In addition to providing tips and tricks to users about enhancing their phone’s security, my works also feature highlighting core issues in the tech realm, reviewing the latest devices in the market, critiques on smart phone trends, reporting latest developments in the market, and features on patent wars. I have a background in journalism, and am thus able to come up with qualified commentary on legal issues in the tech world, which has further enhanced my repute as a top tech writer.

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