Thursday, 11 October 2012

App Review: ThisLife

App Review: ThisLife

ThisLife conjures a simplistic, yet majestic, way to browse, organize and share photo collections of any magnitude whatsoever. The app allows pictures to be imported from other services that include Facebook, Instagram, Flick and Twitter among others. Plus of course the app allows the user to upload the pictures from their computer or other devices as well.

Once the pictures are uploaded in the photo library, they can be organized into a ‘Story’ or even several stories if you want to. The ‘Story’ is the most fascinating part of the app. It could be anything between something and general – like the pictures of your child growing up – to something specific – like a birthday party or a weekend away from home. As expected the stories can be shared with other users – your friends, family, cousins, colleagues, etc – who can also participate in it by adding their own pictures, which are known as ‘Moments’ in ThisLife’s lingua franca. They can also participate via liking pictures or commenting on them.

The free starter plan of ThisLife allows the user to upload up to a thousand pictures or upload a video of up to sixty minutes (or one hour). These numbers can be up-graded to 20,000 photos or 10 hours of recorded video footage for $7.99/month, or with the Family Plan the number can be augmented to 20,000 pictures or 25 hours of video footage for $14.99/month.

There are further, less costly ways of storing pictures online as well, but the price that is being paid over here results in a user interface that is significantly superior. What else is being offeres is a feature range that runs the wide gamut from face recognition to advanced tagging, which one can’t get through straight services for online storage.

It is expected that soon the site should offer publishing tools, which should make the creation of photo books considerably easy, among other products.
This app summons the exact experience for the Apple devices – the iPhone and iPad – according to our iPhone spy, while our Android spy has confirmed that a version for Android devices would be launched pretty soon as well. The apps have a two pronged benefit as compared to the website. First up there is the touch interface that makes photo browsing prodigiously more intimate and the user can navigate through the service levels; like for instance if they were to simply use pinches and taps they would be doing exactly that. Secondly the pictures taken from iPhone or iPad can be directly uploaded to ThisLife, courtesy of the app.
The free services of ThisLife are a lot more than just worth a shot. Once you have put some pictures in it, it would be impossible for you to not want to upgrade it. Once you’ve joined the party the apps would be an important part of your service. ThisLife can add a lot of pictures into your life, and join them together to form a memorable story that you’d want to share with everyone you can.

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