Sunday, 26 May 2013

Google Galaxy S4 with Stock Android, on Sale for $649 in June

Google Play will soon be showing off a slightly modified Samsung Galaxy S4 on its shelf. And it is not like any other Samsung Galaxy S4 that you have seen before. It runs stock Android. It is in a completely unlocked form and comes with an unlocked bootloader as well as Google’s prompt system updates. Even though Samsung has been named Google’s key leader, numerous Android spy apps have been able to bring frown lines to the tech giant’s forehead.

Changes in Samsung Galaxy S4
The new S4 will be available on Google Play store from June 26th. The device will not only be carrier unlocked but also supports an unlocked bootloader. That allows the users to load their own software on the device including things like CyanogenMod which means that the user can go for a very deep customization of the software. The new S4 is all set to become the next big thing for developers but its high price tag, however, makes it more likely to be a Smartphone for the a small part of the market.

Apart for some modifications in the software, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition is the same down to the bezel. Counting the drawbacks of purchasing an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4 is the inability to access to TouchWiz.

Several rumors paint a picture of years to come that Samsung might not want to continue Android OS in its device. At this time, Google trying to take advantage of the opportunity to sell its OS in Samsung’s hardware is not at all surprising.

When Samsung Galaxy S4 was launched last month, tech experts found it not is as physically solid as the HTC One or as good as the improved Galaxy SIII but it is being crowned as the most compelling Smartphone running Android. As compared to the unlocked Nexus 4 which can be purchased from Google Play for just $299, Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition will make the pocket lighter. The unlocked device is probably the top current devices running Android Jelly Beans 4.2. It happens to be the first non-Nexus device to get the opportunity.

The high price tag
The Samsung Galaxy S4 Google will be up for purchase on Google Play from June, 26th. Holding no contract, owners will be able to use it both on AT&T and T-Mobile. The high price doesn’t really make it a device for the masses but many might volunteer to spend that much for an experience of an untouched Android.

Interestingly, Samsung announced all of its devices to be stock Android. Fans seem to be a bit overwhelmed by Samsung’s software smorgasbord and this might end up presenting the Samsung Galaxy S4 in a new light altogether.

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